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About Us


Our artisanal, small batch fudge has a flavor and texture unlike any other. We don’t use synthetic ingredients or mixes. We let fresh fruit purees, vanilla, spices all speak for themselves and present an intensity of flavor true to the variety you select. Our process produces a simultaneously smooth and crystalline product, hitting a sweet spot we can’t wait for you to try for yourself.

1Fudge is the result of many fudge making days. Countless hours spent seeking the exact consistency in flavor and texture that defines 1Fudge today. The combination of real ingredients cooked with precision, carefully cooled and stirred, yields a smooth textured fudge that melts on the tongue releasing its flavor, leaving you wanting more.

Make someone happy and share a slice of 1Fudge.  

Flavors Kitchen and Bakehouse

Flavors is devoted to creating flavorful products that can’t help but make you smile with satisfaction. In 2000, when we began making bakery items, the name Flavors was chosen to emphasize this mission.

In 2016, at the request of a devoted Flavors patron, we made our first batch of fudge. We were thrilled at the opportunity to bring our passion for flavorful products to a wider audience and 1Fudge was born.

Our micro-facility is in Rib Mountain (Wausau), Wisconsin.

And a little history about fudge...

In the 19th century there was soft caramel, which when over-stirred while cooling became an entirely different candy. This grainy, crystalline solid was named fudge after the word the candy makers expressed to describe their initial surprise. However, as is sometimes the case when expectations are dashed, we were introduced to an entirely new experience.

1Fudge is our interpretation of this serendipitous discovery. Smooth yet crystalline. Elegant and comforting. Created from ingredients that present an intensity of flavor true to the variety you select.